Heritage Plans come to life in 2013

The idea of the Old Church Lodge started some years ago following the Parish Plan consultation in Clophill. This process led to a group of diverse yet like minded volunteers putting together a charity to resolve the issues at St Mary’s Church in Clophill.

Since the first ideas and options were discussed in 2007 there has been much community and voluntary work to set up a charity and a company limited by guarantee (Clophill Heritage Trust) as well as development work to provide a long term viable and beneficial solution for the site.

In doing so the Trust has managed to gain funding for related activities such as the Heritage Building Skills network which was established in 2012 in partnership with Bedford College to ensure the involvement and training of young people for the many heritage assets across the region.

The Trust has now established relationships with over 100 supporters and partners and has developed a programme to not only resolve the current issues for Old St Mary’s Church but provide benefit for both the community and the wider Greensand Ridge area.

DonateNow2 GreenButtonThe Trust are working to raise funds for the final stage of the Eco Lodge. Any donations, small or large would be much appreciated.  The consolidation of the scheduled ancient monument (Old St Mary’s Church) which sits at the centre of the beautiful, 40 mile long Greensands Ridge walk is fully funded and work is well under way. The monument will have the added attraction of a heritage observation tower to enjoy the stunning views.

These projects are now in the delivery phase and when completed in 2014 they will eliminate the anti-social and criminal activity at the site and allow the monument to be removed from English Heritage’s ‘Heritage at Risk’ register as well as provide a long term sustainable future for the site for visitors to enjoy.

The Trust would like to thank all of those who have helped us to date and look forward to a continued relationship over the delivery and operational phases of this exciting, innovative and locally-driven programme.


The Clophill Heritage Trust would like you to join them on:

A Mini Walk

(1 day 20 miles either
Saturday or Sunday)


A Full Walk

(2 Days 40 miles - over the weekend) 

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